Paula Day – Photographer

These photographs are a series of ongoing work from the last twenty years. When I photograph, it is about what I am experiencing and seeing at that moment, and the resulting pictures are unaltered by Photoshop ® or any other means. Most of the photos are historical in nature in that they preserve "a moment in time." Many of my subjects no longer exist. Children grow up. Time is fleeting. My photos thus represent fragments of memories.

Using formal design and composing through the camera lens are important artistic elements of the photographs, too. Seductive light, interesting texture, curious – often amusing – juxtapositions, and dynamic activity all the way to the pictures' edges, are all significant features.

Sometimes I have "missed" a photograph, then tried to "retake" it. I have found it can't be done. Those failed efforts, however, have allowed me to appreciate when subject and design coalesce in a photo. When everything falls into place and the camera is there to record it, an engaging synchronicity occurs in the form of a picture. That is the kind of dynamic I am attempting to harness with these images.

A New Way of Looking at Photographs

A new method of printing photographs is now available: enamel on aluminum. Prints on aluminum are sharp as a tack and seem to glow.  Instead of applying ink on paper, which creates a slightly softer effect due to the texture of the paper, these prints are created by applying a glossy paint to sheets of 1/8"-thick aluminum. Beautiful paper prints are naturally for sale as well.

In addition, prints on aluminum are archival quality.  Impervious to smudges and light wear, they can be cleaned with glass cleaner. I offer them framed under non-glare museum glass, so they are no more delicate than a painting on canvas. Under UV-proof glass, they are doubly protected and impervious to scratches.


Paula Day Photography
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